About Taeo UI

The original Taeo UI is but one iteration in a long series of UI compilations created by Taeo while he was a member of the now defunct Discord Mods community. A detailed overview of the compilation’s development history can be found on Taeo’s personal portfolio.

During The Burning Crusade era Taeo UI was featured as WoW Insider’s “Reader UI of the Week” where it became the most commented edition of the column to date. Immediately after the publication Taeo was bombarded with requests to release the compilation for download. To date this compilation has been downloaded more than 17,000 times.

The current beta release of Taeo UI features a hassle free, zero-configuration install, with simple, yet powerful configuration options. Built on top of the powerful Ace framework, Taeo UI does not try to reinvent the wheel, rather it provides a unified means for the configuration of existing addons. For you that means more features and quicker updates!

About the Authors


Raised on the mean streets of Gnomergan, Taeo knew the meaning of “thug life.” At only eleven years of age, he was arrested for dealing conjured mana rolls. What followed was a string of PoM Pyro drive-bys that propelled him to the top of Gnomergan’s baddest gang, the “Killin’ Tor.” But when his main girl, Jaina Proudmore, was nearly killed in police raid, he decided to clean up his act. Beginning from nothing, he slowly built his reputation as a web and UI designer. But when he released the ultra-popular Thrall’sList.com, he knew that he had finally arrived as the Gnumber One Gnome.

Currently, Taeo is laying out sites and laying down the law.


Born three years ago at the age of twenty-five, Polydwarf quickly became the most beautiful female dwarf on all of Spinebreaker. But instead of marrying into wealth, she spurned her rich suitors and chose to become a game designer. Four years later, sitting penniless on a curb outside her alma-mater, she met a gnome with a plan. The gnome said unto her: “Configure my UI and they will come.”

Presently living as a (still) penniless UI hacker, Polydwarf is living the emerald dream.